Manage the condition
NOT the failure !
Ever since the evolution of thermal imaging the applications and benefits have grown at a very fast rate with operators using them from their most familiar application of electrical surveys but since then as operators have become more familiar with their strengths and weaknesses the whole industry has really taken off.
Majority of mechanical and electrical faults show up as slight variation in temperature of components.
Regular thermal imaging alerts us to those changes, Trending of temperatures enables us to manage the condition of the equipment.
The early detection and being able to manage the change we are able to plan remedial work and maximize plant up time.

We are now finding very popular house inspections for obviously electrical inspections but also water damage from both rising damp and moisture related issues.
Also the checking of heating system with in slab floor heating checks and also effectiveness of insulation.
Insurance companies are starting to give discounts on home insurance for families taking up a biannual thermographic home inspection.

The electrical inspections are still one of the biggest part of the industrial area but mechanical inspections are also picking up as well with many inspections being carried out on every thing from ball mill liner inspections and gear drives, V belt drives, Bag houses, Fibreglass tanks and pipe work, Heat patterns from stock piles and Moisture levels in ground surfaces.

Thermographic inspections of hulls of GRP boats picks up cold damp areas highlighting cracks or delamination of the hull structure.

All of the above and many more inspections would have to be one of the easiest and most cost effective form of monitoring and managing the condition of any asset, with very fast results able to be given with many on the spot.
Being Non destructive and visually very easy to interpret easily make the benefits of thermography your first choice.
Cost savings
Safer Work Places
Reduced Insurance Premiums
Early detection of potential faults
Reduction In Carbon Foot Print
Building hazard reduction
No down time

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