Manage the condition
Not the failure !
Our technicians have been trained up to LEVEL 2 at the Melbourne University.
Our thermographers are all members of AINDT, The Australian Institute Of Non Destructive Testing and have been assessed and accredited fully up to CATEGORY 2.

With 30 years of industrial background experience specializing in
condition monitoring and reliability improvement.
We don't just take pictures, Interpretation is our strongest point and with
30 years of experience to call on we are able to accurately interpret results
and make recommendations to monitor and manage the condition
and in so improving the reliability and maximise machinery up time.

Trained up to level 2 Fully Accredited Thermographers
University Of Melbourne Level 1 & 2 Certification Programs
Members of Australian Institute For Non-Destructive Testing
Accredited To ISO18436:2004, Thermography, Multi-Industry
Vision Certification As Specified in ISO18436:2004
Certification Registration # 3156
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